Are you new to the hunting and fishing world and looking to gain valuable knowledge and insight from experts? With an endless stream of information on the internet, it can be challenging to know where to look and what information you can trust. As industry leaders in hunting and fishing, we’re here to share the top outdoor blogs to follow! 

Fishing Blogs


MidCurrent blog is a fly fisher’s dream blog with daily news, tips, how to’s and reviews all in one! They also have great instructional and entertaining video content that makes learning a lot more fun. MidCurrent is a reliable source of relevant and current information that you can always count on!

Take Me Fishing Blog: 

We couldn’t leave Take Me Fishing off our list of the top outdoor blogs to follow. This American fishing blog is packed full of useful information for novice and expert anglers alike! The blog includes personal stories from experienced anglers while also providing new fishing tips, the best places to fish and boat, and conservation. What’s most useful is the information they have on each specific state!

Fishing with Rod Blog: 

This Canadian fishing blog should be your go-to if you’re interested in fishing in BC. It includes the best fishing spots, reports, news and updates, an event calendar and more! It also includes an “ask an expert” section where you can ask specific questions and a discussion forum where you can get involved in the fishing community.

Fish’n Canada:

Fish’n Canada is … you guessed it – another Canadian fishing blog! It’s Canada’s top source for fishing and outdoor living. It’s a great place to start if you’re a beginner who’s interested in learning the basics and learning as you go. You’ll find multiple experienced anglers providing their best tips as well as other suggestions for hiking and outdoor activities.

Hunting Blogs

Bow Hunting: 

With many ways to hunt, it’s not always easy to find information about specific kinds of hunting. The Bow Hunting Blog is the ultimate resource for those looking to improve their bow hunting game! It has a great community of bowhunters, archery tips, the best hunting supplies to buy, videos, and more.

Big Game Hunting Blog:

The Big Game Hunting Blog is run by John McAdams who has been partaking in family hunting trips since the age of three. As hunting is an important part of McAdams’ life and family tradition, he has passed on his best tips while creating a community of hunters.

Eastmans Blog: 

Eastmans Blog focuses on bowhunting and rifle hunting, specifically looking at hunting in the Western part of the United States. It’s also packed full of information surrounding big game hunting and places a focus on ethical hunting.

Hunting Life: 

Hunting Life is no doubt an expert when it comes to hunting. With the latest news, reviews and pro advice, it’s a great resource to visit for just about any hunting information you’re after!

Everything in Between

NWO Outdoors:

With a focus on North Western Ontario, the NWO Outdoors blog has a wide range of information. Instead of solely focusing on fishing or hunting, they’ve also expanded to look at camping, hiking and other outdoor activities you can do around Canada. Their photography makes their blog especially unique!

Field & Stream:

Field and Stream has the perfect blend of fishing and hunting knowledge! They also address the conservation of wildlife, have field notes and include stories from sportsmen. If you’re interested in the culinary side of things, they also have an incredible depth of cooking material to sift through!

Born Wild Acres: 

While Born Wild Acres doesn’t specifically touch on hunting or fishing, it places its focus on food and living off the land. They have a farm where they produce organic food and teach general information surrounding hunting and the outdoors in Alaska!

Right on Target:

This personal blog follows the life of Lou Lou Durant who loves to explore the outdoors with her dogs on weekends. She is a great representation of women in the sport of hunting and fishing, where it is traditionally male-dominated. This is the blog to follow if you’re a fellow woman with a passion for hunting and fishing as well!

Industry Leaders in Hunting & Fishing

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for within the top outdoor blogs, LandPass is an industry leader providing hunters & anglers with exclusive land to use for your next outdoor adventure! We post new blogs each week, always bringing the latest in the industry.