Any hunter will know that a hunt can go wrong in a split second and it all boils down to the details! You learn as you go and the more experience you have with hunting, the less likely you’ll be to blow a hunt, although it still happens to the best of us every once in a while. Pay attention to these 7 common hunting mistakes and you’ll be on the right track!

1. Not changing up your tactics

Animals are unpredictable and change their tactics and routine every day so we shouldn’t we? If you find your hunts aren’t going as planned it may be because you’re setting up the same way time and time again. You go to a similar area and prop up your gear in the same way. You think that because it worked before, it will always work and so you stay within your comfort zone.

If you often hunt from a ladder, try on the ground and try exploring new areas you may not have thought of going to before! This is an easy mistake to identify but it may be challenging to make a change, so start during your next hunt. Reach beyond familiarity and you’ll see the impact it’ll have on your hunts!

2. Giving up too easily 

We grow up hearing “patience is a virtue”, “good things come to those who wait”, etc., so it’s easy to mark it as a cliché and move on with your day. Unfortunately, keeping patience in mind is vital to a successful hunt!

It’s especially easy to give up too easily when hunting turkey. They can fade into the distance or duck down and your instincts will be to move on to the next one! Instead of giving up just wait it out. You don’t have anywhere else to be, after all, so enjoy the scenery, take a quick nap if you need to and by the time you’re back and ready to hunt you’ll have your eye on that same turkey! You’ll quickly realize that giving up too easily is one of the most common hunting mistakes you can easily avoid.

3. Being too visible 

If you’re hunting a predator, such as a coyote, you’ll need to be more discreet than usual. When approaching or on the stand, you should make yourself as invisible as possible! The proper camouflage and covering is essential for these type of hunts as a predator will spot you coming.

The key is to avoid them spotting your silhouette so use the terrain or a vegetative cover so that you aren’t spotted.

4. Being too loud


It goes without saying that loud noises may scare off the wild animals you wish to hunt. With that being said, there are many hunters that seem to forget the importance of keeping quiet during the hunt. Footsteps and voices that seem to be quiet to you may cause alarm among the animals and foil your plans for the day!

PRO TIP: Park far away from where you plan to hunt as the sound of a car door closing, your car alarm and removing your gear can be enough to send the animals running for the hills.

5. A distinct odor

While good hygiene is important all the time, your scent should be of utmost importance during a hunt. Don’t worry, we’re not saying you need to cover yourself in cologne and body wash before a hunt – it’s actually the opposite!

Animals have a heightened sense of smell so need to neutralize odor to avoid spooking them when you get close. You can find many products on the market that neutralize the smell of your clothes and skin that work wonders! Just keep in mind that smoke, food, or other scents you pick up during the course of your hunt may undo the previous neutralizing you’ve done.

6. Spending too much time on your phone 

It seems as if everyone is spending a little too much time on their phones these days, hunters included! When you start to give up on a hunt and decide to text, scroll through Instagram or play games on your phone, you may let a deer get away. You may also have an animal sneak up behind you if you aren’t paying attention, catching you off guard and no one wants to have a moose come out of nowhere when you aren’t prepared and least expect it!

7. Not having permission to hunt on private land

Although public land can provide an excellent environment for hunting, private land will give you the space to hunt without others around and be more selective with your hunts. One of the most common hunting mistakes people make is when they don’t get permission from landowners to hunt on private property.

LandPass makes the process of hunting on private land easy by providing a direct connection between hunters and landowners who are willing to rent out their property. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the legal end of things when you can be preparing for your next hunt. Contact us today to learn more!

It’s time to hit the ground running!

With knowledge of the common hunting mistakes to avoid, you should have a great hunt! Get connected with private landowners today with the help of LandPass’s free app and start planning your next hunting trip.