Planning your next turkey hunt? Before you head out, you need to make sure you have all the essentials on hand! You can’t leave home without these 6 turkey hunter must haves.

1. A Comfortable Seat:

Never underestimate the power of a comfortable cushion! You need to be patient when hunting turkey because they don’t know or care what time it is. It’s safe to say that the thought of laying or sitting on hard, wet or cold ground is less than appealing.

Don’t forget to pack a comfy seat, stool or quality cushion. You’ll want to choose the appropriate seating based on the terrain you’re hunting on, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for the right one to bring on your next hunt!

2. Bug Spray:

No one enjoys when a hunt is ruined by pesky insects! Since you’ll most likely be still for most of the hunt, you’re the perfect target for bugs. Come prepared with bug repellent to ward off any unwanted attention!

If you hate the feeling of sticky bug spray, there are many other options on the market. This portable insect repeller creates a shield between yourself and the bugs, making it much more tolerable to wait out the perfect turkey.

3. Camo Head to Toe:

When hunting turkey, it’s crucial to dress completely in camouflage! Why’s that? A turkey’s vision is much different than a human’s, as their eyes are situated on the sides of their faces and allow for 180-degree view.

They’re able to detect the slightest bit of movement, so show up suited in your best camo gear!

4. Hunting Boots:

The right footwear is always a must when you’re turkey hunting! If you’re exploring unknown terrain you may end up stepping in a puddle and your soaking wet feet will only make for a miserable hunt.

You may also have to move around and find better spots while remaining quiet and you don’t want to slip and alert the turkeys of your location.

5. Bush Clippers:

If you’re planning to set up for bowhunting turkeys, all it takes is one measly branch to get in the way! You’d be surprised by how many branches have come in the way of the flight path and successfully saved the lives of many turkeys.

Have a pair of bush clippers packed with you and ready to go to avoid this problem and assist with visibility!

6. Selection of Calls:

Bringing a wide variety of calls when turkey hunting is a must! While one or two different calls will do when hunting other game, a turkey is much different.

You may spend the entire day out and walk away empty handed, so having a good selection on hand is the difference between a make or break.

Did you check off all the boxes on the turkey hunter must haves list? If so, you’re ready to get hunting!

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