120 Acres in Norwood, Ontario | WMU 76B


120 Acres in Norwood, Ontario

This 120 acre land is in Norwood, Ontario (WMU 76B). Under management of a consulting forest biologist.

It offers the perfect hunting opportunity for a maximum of 2 guests.

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  • Starting at $200 a day (max 2 people allowed on the land)

  • Multiple day hunts favoured (base camp on site)
  • Methods allowed: shotgun, archery
  • Old fields scrub land and regeneration property

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“Fantastic property with a diverse terrain and environment for an excellent deer hunt experience.  The owner has a vast amount of game and forestry experience, which becomes apparent as you walk through the property with him.  Looking forward to coming back next year’s hunt without hesitation!”

J. Zacher

“This was an experience! I’d recommend this property to hunters who are really looking to understand land management, forestry, and nature. 5 stars!”

Jonathan R.